• “Past and Present” of Artificial Grass

    In April 1966 , the Astrodome at Houston, Texas , the largest indoor stadium at the time, quietly waited for the start of the baseball league as usual, but the difference was that before the start, Chemstrand has laid the world’s first piece of artificial turf on the baseball field-”Astrotu...
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  • Artificial meat is on fire, and artificial grass is here again!

    Behind the disappointment of Chinese football, the Chinese artificial turf industry is an out-and-out world champion. Recently, Jiangsu Co-creation Lawn, as the “first share of artificial turf” in the A-share market , has attracted much attention. Shell Investment Research found that although Chi...
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  • What aspects of artificial turf can be used and how to choose?

    Artificial turf is designed and developed for the defects of natural grass. Natural turf is affected by weather conditions, management and protection conditions and other factors. Artificial turf has the irreplaceable advantages of natural turf. Artificial turf does not need to consume resources ...
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